Everything about Rose and Rose oil?! Tutorials from the beauty bloggers, how to make something beautiful for the skin with rose essence.

alles-rose-beauty-blogger-erzaehlen-wie-man-oel-aus-rosen-macht-elfashion Everything about Rose and Rose oil?! Tutorials from the beauty bloggers, how to make something beautiful for the skin with rose essence.

Just sit with the parents in a beautiful place of the numerous roses of different kind and consider what we can do with it…You can use rose not only for the eyes, but you can also use the rose oil for the skin and hair.

Yes, exactly you can make wonderful oil (see below tips from the beauty bloggers), jam, or liqueur … Rose is considered the queen of flowers. With no other kind of flower is so much love, beauty and luxury associated like with rose. Already in ancient times the rose was considered as the flower of love and seduction and she was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite.

One of the reasons for the popularity of rose is the valuable rose oil, which is very expensive and costly to obtain. The flowers of the rose are very fine and prone to parasites. In order to get the best possible extract of the oil, the flowers can only be harvested early in the morning on 30 days of the year. This aspect is essential as the oil content in the flowers decreases with increasing daytime temperatures. They are then immediately processed to extract the oil from the flowers. Four tons of blossoms produce just one liter of rose oil, which makes the rose a very precious raw material, especially in perfumes, in high-quality creams or lotions.

The oil obtained is well-known in the form of aromatherapy for those healing properties. The intense scent of the rose has a calming effect on the body and the mind, restores both balance and even has a mood-brightening, consoling effect. Advantage in aromatherapy with rose oil: the oil can be applied directly to the skin during a massage.

Rose oil is as precious as it is effective for cosmetics. It contains a considerable amount of nourishing lipids and transretinoleic acid, a precursor of the vitamin A. This promotes the maintenance of the collagen skeleton and gives the skin vitality and natural tension. Lipids provide extra dry skin and restore the hydrolipid film, which protects the skin against rapid evaporation and thus against dryness. Already a small portion of the oil in care products is enough to experience both the skin care components and the pleasant smell of the rose.

Rose water, the condensate obtained during the distillation of the essential oil, is often used in facial waters, tonics or bodysprays due to its refreshing, antiseptic effect. It soothes the skin and refreshes it

I love to take care about my skin but I cannot do oil or other natural cremes or oil – maybe sometime times I will learn it and than I will show you my work 😛 – but here a few tutorial videos of the other beauty bloggers:

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